Poor Messi (again!), Uniteds’ right back dilemma and other footbally stuff.

I’m back, baby! I can now confidently say that I’m through with the constant traveling (for last month anyway) that kept me away from my blogging duties. Even though I haven’t written much here, I still managed to keep up with all the what-nots of the transfer merry go round and football in general on Twitter. Not exactly my cup of coffee but hey, the show must carry on.

First up.

What the HECK is up with Argentina and finals? I cant help but sympathize with Messi and co. To come so close and not win it for the second time running must be a major pain in the boot. Whoever wrote the script for the Copa America certainly has a way of messing with people’s mind. That Sanchez, a player who in my opinion was abysmal for his country, would seal victory for Chile WITH A DINKED PENALTY is completely beyond me! Messi, on the flipside has been exceptional as always, and what does he get?

It’s been a long day….

This teaches us an important lesson, folks: In life, and more so football, you can’t win everything. Of course there are exceptions like Zidane and Kaka, but they remain just that. Exceptions. On a positive note though, Messi still has some years ahead of him, so it can’t be too late for him and Argentina’s golden generation…or can it?

Moving onto the transfer market, there’s been some pretty good -and not so good- buys. I’ll start with Cech.


With just that one signing, Arsenal have taken a major step in the right direction towards mounting a title challenge. Cech is a quality purchase and if Wenger can make at least two more before the summer ends then we may have to put aside the Wenger jokes we indulge in every season. ­čśŽ

Elsewhere, in perhaps the biggest shock so far, Chelsea have secured the services of ex- United forward Radamel Falcao on a season loan with an option to buy. Call me crazy, but I’m more than certain it will come to haunt us. This karma seems to be quite persistent in the Premier League. Remember Lampard? and Bony? Heck, it even happened in my Football Manager campaign. I had just released Ashley Young on a free as he was not in the best form and was getting on my nerve.

You know what Young does? Joins Stoke, scores a hat trick against us, effectively knocking United out of the FA cup.

F*#k me.

Back to Falcao.

Even though he didn’t play as well in his first spell in the PL, I can’t help but think that now with the experience he got, he’s going to screw us over just to prove a point.┬áSome players live for such games, you know? The fact that he reportedly took a HUGE pay cut to join Mou proves that I do have a cause for concern, but let’s wait and see.

Still on Chelsea, and apparently there is a deal in the works for Stoke ball stopper Asmir Begovic. No surprise in that, a direct replacement for the recently departed Cech. What’s surprising is that Stoke allegedly want a Blues player included in the deal. Is that some kind of joke? Mark Hughes trying to wind up Mou maybe? I actually don’t know which player he wants in particular, but it would sure as hell be interesting if he proposed for a player in the Chelsea first team.

To my beloved United now, and I’m getting slightly concerned about the lack of activity in the market. They teased us with Depay and then went mute. I appreciate that they’re trying to remain tight lipped in their dealings to blow our minds in awe and all, but the rate at which suitable/potential players are joining other clubs is damn annoying. Yes, I’m talking about Nathaniel Clyne. My fairytale dream of him linking up with former teammate Shaw were crushed when Liverpool broke the news. That’s kind of been the story as far as our search for a right back is concerned. First it was Alves, and now Clyne. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to see Valencia ANYWHERE near the back four next season. He coped, but he’s certainly not built to defend. His positional awareness is severely flawed. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, LVG! Don’t cost us the FA Cup against Arsenal, again.

It’s been confirmed that Nani has left for Fenerbah├že. Just whatever happened to the lad? These stats, man:

I cri evritiem

Farewell, Nani. Lets hope you don’t magically rediscover your form and disqualify us from some competition or some dumb sh#t like that. Interestingly enough, rumors are also surfacing suggesting that Van Persie will be joining Nani in Istanbul. Double tragedy. One club’s meat…

Finally, on a lighter note, have you guys seen the West Brom kit promo video? I know they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity but West Ham got it horribly wrong with this one. Someone should definitely get fired. Or shot.


That’s all for this week’s review guys! I’ll see you all in the next post!


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