10 exciting fixtures to look forward to in 2015-16

In case you haven’t heard already, the 2015-16 PL fixtures were announced early Wednesday and even though it ain’t even August yet, we cannot wait for the Premier League to begin! There are some great fixtures all season long but there’s 10 that have a little magic added to them.

Without further ado, here’s our fixtures to look out for:

  1. Stoke City vs Liverpool- 8th August 2015

I have no idea who sets these dates up, but they’ve certainly got a cunning sense of humor. Whatever criteria was used to decide that Liverpool will open their campaign against a side that completely mauled them 6-1 in the closing fixture of last season is definitely a questionable one. After that loss, the Merseysiders definitely learned why we often question whether teams and individuals alike are able to step up on a cold rainy night at Stoke. It will be interesting to see what steps Liverpool take to convince us that it was a one off defeat.

  2. Bournemouth vs Aston Villa- 8th August 2015

Bournemouth’s first ever fixture in England’s top flight will be against Aston Villa at home, a fixture that is bound to be quite emotional at the very least. The south coast club, who were last season’s Championship winners will be relishing this encounter and will be looking to kick off their campaign in great fashion in front of their own fans.

  3. West Ham United vs Swansea City- 7th May 2016

An equally emotional match as the aforementioned one, as the Hammers will be playing their last game at the Boyeln Ground ahead of their highly anticipated move to the Olympic Stadium in 2016. We will surely miss all the magical moments, heart stopping drama and the ever present bubbly atmosphere that we’ve witnessed in this stadium over the years, and West Ham would love to sign off with a win to seal it.

  4. Aston Villa vs Tottenham- 12th March 2016

Popularly now known as the Sherwood derby, this fixture comes with all the excitement and anxiety that erupt when facing your ex-club. Having saved Villa from relegation and getting them to the FA Cup final, Tim will be looking to prove a point-as always- against the club that fired him despite his wonderful win ratio.

  5. Manchester United vs Manchester City- 24th October 2015

This list would not be complete without the classic Manchester derby, a fixture that the world stops to witness twice every season. There’s been some sensational encounters over the past few years between these two clubs, resulting in heartbreaking losses, frustrating referee calls and overhead bicycle kicks to seal the victory. Well worth 90 minutes of your Saturday afternoon.

  6. Watford vs Norwich City- 5th December 2015

Watching two newly promoted sides go head to head is always fascinating as it is confusing. None of them are strangers to the Premier League as such, but it’s been quite a while and that means new players have come in. You don’t know what that guy in the number 7 shirt is doing, but he’s surely caught your eye. It serves as a nice fresh break from the usual players you see year in year out. Just another reason why football is the best sport on the planet.

  7. Arsenal vs Chelsea- 23rd January 2016

Every season, the Premier League grants Arsene Wenger two glorious opportunities to beat Mourinho and put that shameful record of never managing a win against him to bed. Every season, Wenger somehow manages to throw those chances away. Last season’s encounter was a boring one, with the record still standing strong. Will this coming season finally be Wenger’s turn to triumph over the ‘Special One?’

  8.  Newcastle United vs Sunderland- 19th March 2016

Having barely survived the drop last season, both teams are somewhat in limbo as far as their dominance in the game is involved. As we came to witness last season however, this derby can produce some thrilling moments in the midst of a footballing storm, such as Jermain Defoe’s brilliant solo effort to give Sunderland a fifth successive derby win. Steve Mclaren must do something to change this. Let’s wait and see.

  9. Swansea vs Arsenal- 31st October 2015

Swansea, in my opinion, were the biggest overachievers of the 2014-15 season. Not only did they manage their best ever tally in the league, they also became only the third team in the Premier League era to complete the double over Arsenal AND Manchester United. Very impressive from the young Garry Monk and his team. They beat Arsenal quite cheekily at the Emirates last time they faced them, and it will be fun to see whether Wenger’s men will seek retribution for that.

  10. Tottenham vs Crystal Palace- 19th September 2015

Whenever I see this fixture, I see tekkers! From Christian Eriksen’s mischievous pannas to Bolassie’s audacious flick (which was so good it featured in the new FIFA 16 E3 trailer), there’s always activity on either end of the pitch that keeps you glued. Both are good teams that rarely feature in the top 4, and I’m certainly looking forward to it.

What do you make of your club fixtures? Let me know in the comment section below.


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