Wednesday Review Corner: 2015/16 PL fixture dates, Falcao to Chelsea and other talking points

Hey guys!

Before we touch anything, I’d first like to apologize for the lack of posts in the past week or so. Its mainly because of two main reasons. To begin with, I have been traveling quite frequently ever since the summer break began so I haven’t had any time to write. Traveling disorients me. Secondly, there hasn’t been any noteworthy events to discuss up until today anyway, so I haven’t really done anybody that follows this blog that much harm :D.

Okay, lets get started then!

First of all, the PL 2015-16 fixtures were released earlier today and guess what? Everybody gets to play everybody…TWICE! Exciting, right? You can check out your club’s opening fixture and what-not here. I won’t delve much into details, other than to state the enticing fixtures that await us on the opening day. Manchester United will host Tottenham, while Stoke will welcome Liverpool back to the Britannia with fond memories from last season’s closing fixture. Newly promoted Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich City will entertain Aston Villa, Everton and Crystal Palace respectively. Yum! Can August come around already?

Onto some seemingly (un)believable transfer news now, and multiple sources (including Sky Sports) indicate that we haven’t seen the last of Falcao in the Premier League! If the word going around is correct, the ex-United misfit will be joining Chelsea on a season long-loan from Monaco. Don’t know what Mr.Mou is up to there, to be honest. I thought he would go for probably a more younger striker to develop. Big, big gamble.

United fans were not happy, to say the least, when this news emerged but it ain’t such a big deal to me. Let me remind my United family one thing; not everybody that goes to the Bridge manages to shine, especially in the manner that Costa and Fabregas did last season. Mohammed Salah, Kevin De Bruyne, Fernando Torres and Shaun Wright-Phillips are all players that have struggled at Chelsea but done well elsewhere. I’m also quite sure that Juan (read ‘one’) Cuadrado will join this list, sooner or later. This is to prove that not everyone who goes to Chelsea will automatically become a 20-goals a season striker, and more so one with a lingering knee injury. No disrespect intended, but I think Falcao will become a season ticket holder at the exclusive Bridge bench end, next to the man himself. Mou. We will see how that goes though, all in good time.

Elsewhere, it’s come to my attention that Manchester City have submitted an improved £40m bid for Liverpool youngster Raheem Sterling. This comes in the wake of an earlier bid, believed to be in the region of £30m, being rejected. Now I’m not a Liverpool fan, so I believe I can give solid facts free of bias and emotion. Raheem has been a revelation for Liverpool, especially in that wonderful 2013-14 season. He definitely has quality in him and if given the chance to play first team football on a regular basis , can develop into a world class player. Last season, his form slumped slightly at the beginning and got even worse when the contract saga was blown out into the public for all to see. It’s no secret that his form is suffering as a result of all what’s going on in the media and the club. It is, however, partly his fault. At his age, he shouldn’t be taking on Liverpool, or any club for that matter, head on. He should remember that he is only an exciting prospect. He hasn’t proven anything to anyone. If he had, Real Madrid would be hot on their heels, following this story keenly.

The best thing that can happen now in my opinion is for Liverpool to cash out on him. Prior to this, his best option would have been to stick at Liverpool, where he’s already getting first team football which is absolutely essential for any player looking to grow and develop (look at Harry Kane for reference). Sterling’s departure will only benefit Liverpool, because the lad has no guarantee whether he’ll get to start matches wherever he goes. I have to say though that he does stand a realistic chance to be a regular at City, especially with James Milner having gone the opposite way and with Jesus Navas performing inconsistently. The other alternative is for him to run out his contract with Liverpool, should they refuse to sell. I’m not so sure that this would work out well due to all that has happened with Liverpool already. Having players like that in the dressing room is not advisable as it disrupts the team’s harmony. Bad attitude is contagious. I can imagine how strange it must feel having to play with someone who doesn’t want to be there in the first place. This must have been what happened when Liverpool played Stoke on the closing day, I reckon. One thing is clear though, Sterling will leave; be it this summer or the next.

The other player seemingly caught up between transfer rumors and contract negotiations is one David De Gea. Not a single day passes without the Spaniard stopper being linked with a move to Real Madrid, with the unveiling always being ‘within the next few days’. I personally am fed up with how long it’s taking. My emotions are being toyed around with way too much, and that’s not a nice thing to do. First it was the whole contract saga, then his girlfriend etc. There always seems to be one more reason why he should move back to Spain. The latest insult was Madrid reportedly opening the bidding process with £13m. LIKE WHAT THE HELL? We spent £5mil more to bring him to Old Trafford in the first place, before he even became what he is now! That’s just plain disrespect. I understand he only has one year in his contract remaining, but if it was up to me I’d rather have him leave on a free. If he does go, then I do wish him well. If he doesn’t, even better news for us. In any case, life goes on. We’re United.

Another goalkeeper tipped to be leaving is Chelsea’s Petr Cech. With Courtois’ dominant display last season, it is highly unlikely that Cech will agree to become a substitute goalie. Rumors suggest that he may be headed to Arsenal or United. I think he’d make a great replacement for De Gea, should he leave. I’d personally prefer Cech to Lloris. Chelsea are believed to be eying Stoke’s Asmir Begovic to replace him once he goes. Not much to make of this news, except for the fact that it seems all hooked upon De Gea’s fate. If he leaves, then he’ll trigger a massive goalkeeper merry go round over the next two months. Rest assured that I’m keeping a keen eye on these proceedings because for every title winning team, there is always an outstanding man between the sticks. Look at Chelsea, Barcelona and Juventus if you doubt me.

That is all for today, folks! Leave a like if you enjoyed the read, and as always your opinions and comments are welcome.

See you on the pitch!


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