The 10 types of football fans on Twitter

Fact: If you follow the beautiful game, there’s a very high likelihood that you’re a professional and experienced football pundit…on Twitter. Somehow, you all seem to be tactical geniuses who always know who should play where, in what formation and exactly how high up the pitch each team should press. You even have the nerve to question the opinions of Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville on MNF. Only God knows why you’re not the manager or even at least on the technical bench of your favorite team. Sometimes, things do go according to plan: your predictions are spot on, that player who you kept on campaigning to make his start scores a hat-trick, and your team gives your opponents a severe thrashing. Your pals can’t stand your presence; the football mastery in you must be repelling them…

When your predictions are spot on...
When your predictions are spot on…

But sometimes, it doesn’t end well. Heck, sometimes it doesn’t even start well. You become the laughing stock of the football community in your office the minute you walk in. That’s when things get really interesting. Whatever you said comes back to haunt you, and that’s when your expertise takes a whole different perspective. The art of trash talking takes center stage and believe me from a reader’s perspective, it’s as good as the internet gets (doesn’t beat cat videos, though).

You are one of them. I am one of them. Somehow we all relate with them so without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 most common type of fans on Twitter:

  1. The one who’s cockier than Mayweather checking his bank account (FA Cup semifinal: Liverpool v Aston Villa):

  1. The one who defends his team after unjustifiable back-to-back losses:

  1. The one who keeps hope alive no matter how bleak the situation seems:

  1. The ‘referee slayer’:

  1. The one who takes a swipe at your team for no reason:

  1. The expert transfer analyst:

  1. The ‘vintage’ Arsenal fan:

  1. The one who’s always winding up Liverpool fans:

  1. The ‘historian’:

and my personal favorite:

  1. The ones whose team ‘deserved’:

What do you think? Which is your favorite? Are there any I’ve missed? Be sure to let me know in the comment section below.

See you on the pitch!


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