Day 1 : Hello World!

Finally. After years of procrastination and lots of nothingness (read playing FIFA and watching pirated movies days on end), I’ve finally taken to task writing. Yes, its a promise i made to myself a couple of years ago, that I’d get to keep a public journal that’s accessible to everyone to read (and comment, or hate: whatever floats your boat) my comments and views on all issues football. Funny story, I cant really remember when I became such a solid football fan. As a matter of fact, wasn’t it only yesterday that I detested football and cringed every time my friends forced me to play FIFA? Anyway, that’s besides the point. The situation now is that football is the only “series” I follow. Every day of the week. So dedicated, that I literally feel unsettled whenever I can’t follow matches for one reason or another. Call it what you may, but my love for football is deep. Balls deep.(no homo, I couldn’t resist the pun)

With that being said, I want to now formally welcome you to ChezaFutaa. In English, it means play football. This is where I’ll be blubbering about all things football, with a particular focus on the Barclays Premier League, and more deeply on my club- the greatest there ever has been- Manchester United. If you encounter any bias in my posts, just deal with it, okay? We’re human. Besides, I know deep down every football fan secretly envies United. There will also be posts on transfer rumors which I find worthy of extra analysis and a mention or two of players that consistently shine.

See you on the pitch!


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